Our motivation at Frankort & Koning is supplying the very best quality produce - every day of the year. We supply produce grown under glass and outdoors and imported produce. Our range of Dutch-grown produce is supplemented by imported produce such as citrus fruit, melons and papayas. We search for the best match between supplier and customers all over the world, so that the right produce is supplied to the right customer all year round.

No matter what type of produce you buy from us, you can rely on the highest levels of quality assurance. Frankort & Koning does not restrict its inspections to inbound produce, we also inspect at the source. All our suppliers are certified, but we don't stop there. We perform audits ourselves to ensure we can guarantee the best quality, supplied in the best condition. To safeguard this our buyers regularly visit our suppliers. In this way, we can verify first-hand that our standards are being observed and we can check the quality of the produce.  

Frankort & Koning manages the supply chain. The produce is stored in and transshipped from a modern facility that meets the latest standards and specifications. We have full control over the climate and ripening process. 

More information about our range of produce is given below. This list is not exhaustive. Are you looking for produce that isn't listed? Or for something out of the ordinary? Please contact us and we will search for the best solution for your particular request.